Hodan Property Management And Development, Inc.

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Condominium Management Company
rightimg Hodan Property Management and Development, Inc. is a hands on property management company.  We strive to provide the highest level of management services and are committed to maximizing the value of our clients' properties through comprehensive and effective management services at a minimum cost.  The company’s commitment to serving the interest of the owners of a property can be seen, for example, in the competitive bidding process used to award contract for services needed, using service companies versus full time on-site people where cost effective, using combined “buying power” to keep prices as low as possible and perform preventative maintenance as soon as possible so that more costly measures are averted.

Aside from the purely fiscal and administrative aspects of management, Hodan Property Management and Development, Inc. realizes that buildings are more than technical systems, they are places where people live or work.  In this regard, we feel that we have responded to the needs of owners and renters in a responsible, caring fashion, finding solutions to problems as they arise in a rapid and efficient manner as possible.

It is the way Hodan Property Management and Development, Inc. has operated since it was established and proof positive of this practice is the long term retention of our various association clients.